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– victim reportedly lured to desolate spotPolice are looking for a taxi driver who allegedly beat and raped a young health worker.Sources who are privy to the complaint said that the young woman alleged that she was subjected to the brutal ordeal last week Monday after being lured to a desolate spot on West Bank Demerara.A close associate of the alleged victim expressed outrage that police have so far failed to arrest the culprit,Cheap NFL Jerseys, even though he is apparently not in hiding.The associate is also concerned that the suspect might flee to the interior.But a police official told Kaieteur News yesterday that ranks visited the suspect’s home but failed to locate him. The official said that they have taken a statement from the alleged victim and a medical report seems to confirm the allegations of rape. Kaieteur News was told that the suspect is about 43 years old and resides on the East Coast of Demerara.It is alleged that the health worker visited a relative in the city last week Monday. She left around 22:00 hrs and flagged down a taxi with the intention of going to the Stabroek Market area to catch a bus that would have taken her to West Coast Demerara.Instead,Jerseys Cheap NFL, the driver allegedly headed to the Demerara Harbour Bridge after reassuring his passenger that he would drop her straight home,Cheap Jerseys Wholesale, since he too,Cheap Jerseys Free Shipping, was heading in that direction.But it is claimed that after crossing the bridge, the driver headed along West Bank Demerara.Realising that the man was luring her away from her home,China Jerseys Cheap, the health worker began to protest and attempted to use her mobile phone to call a relative.It was then that the driver allegedly began to punch her in the face and snatched away her phone. He reportedly then drove to a secluded area where he allegedly sexually assaulted the woman.Kaieteur News was told that after the ordeal, the taxi driver took her to his home where she was allowed to bathe. He then dropped her close to her home,Brent Seabrook Jersey, after attempting to persuade her not to make a report about her ordeal.It is alleged that the victim immediately used her mobile phone to contact a relative. She subsequently underwent a medical examination and gave a statement to police at La Grange Police Station.According to a source, the victim also took police ranks to the area where she was raped.Kaieteur News understands that officials from the Ministry of Human Services have also been notified about the incident.

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