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作者: yueyrt1HiX    時間: 2018-3-30 05:52     標題: Wholesale NFL Jerseys China I see a bullet to Georgie forehead

At least two of the young men who were detained in the wake of last Tuesday’s police shooting in Agricola have expressed fear for their lives. The youngsters who recounted a detailed story of what took place on the day in question have argued that their friend, Shaquille Grant, was executed by the police.Troy Greenidge and Jamal Henry,Wholesale Authentic Jerseys, who spoke to media operatives on Friday, have both refuted the police claims that they were planning a robbery and had fired at police ranks when the ranks swooped down suddenly on a yard in Caesar Street, Agricola.According to Greenidge, he and four of his friends had left Brutus Street in the community and moved to Caesar Street where they engaged in conversation under a shed. He said one of the young ladies who live in the yard had given them permission to “cook a pot” while she headed to the city to conduct business.Greenidge said that some time later they were about to get the stuff to cook when officers stormed the yard hollering, “Nobody don’t f**ing move”. He said everyone did as the police said, but one of his friends was attempting to take out a cell phone and that is when the police fired.“Police come in and seh nobody don’t f**ing move. We did what them tell we to do, but in the height a going down, Romel Bollers now taking out he phone from he pocket saying officer I want give mah girl ma phone. He go in he pants pocket on de ground and I hear a gunshot go off.”Greenidge claimed that Bollers was shot at the back of the head and the bullet went straight through hitting the now deceased teen in the ribs. “Romel get shot through the back of he neck, and de bullet come through and knock Georgie (Shaquille Grant) in his ribs.”Greenidge explained that his friend lay on the ground and started to cry out officer “I get shot”. Greenidge alleged that the officer paid no attention to the teen only shooting him in his head when he attempted to rise up off the ground.Jamal Henry“After Georgie seh officer, officer I get shot,China Jerseys Cheap, de officer didn’t tek he on. So Georgie now go fah raise up holding he ribs and I hear another shot. When I look at Georgie, I see a bullet to Georgie forehead, which in, he head had a big hole and blood running down.”Greenidge further alleged that the officer threatened him and he begged for his life. “He come over to me now and seh Dougla u know ya time up, which in I start beg fah me life.” Greenidge said he was, however,Cheap NFL Jerseys, saved when Bollers’s girlfriend came out of the house and started to scream after seeing the scene.Reporters were told that after the shooting, police officers only told the youths that they were planning a robbery before locking them up. Greenidge claimed that they were placed on identification parade after being swabbed for gunpowder residue.He said he is extremely fearful for his life since being told “your time is up” is a clear indication of someone wanting him dead. He even alleged that three persons all dressed in black were seen in an area not too far from his home, signaling that the persons seemed to be staking out his home.Jamal Henry related a similar story. He, however, said that he was seated with the other boys just before the incident and had gone inside the house to rest since he had a headache.He said he came outside when he heard the gunshots and was ordered to join the other young men on the ground. He claimed that he saw when the officer reportedly went over his friend and shot him in the head. “I went and lie down cause I de getting a headache. Then a little while later I hear bodhoo,Cheap China Jerseys, so I run to de door and see police. Dem tell me go pon de ground,Cheap Jerseys From China, then I see de one who go over Georgie and kill he.”Both the men who spoke to the media described the rank and said they would be able to identify him anytime they saw him again. They also claimed that one officer did the shooting.Henry, in tears,Wholesale Jerseys, pledged to see his friend get justice. “I gun see to it that me friend get he rights in this case, and I gun mek sure I give he rights.”

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