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作者: yueyrt1HiX    時間: 2018-3-30 08:25     標題: Cheap Jerseys From China Canadian High Commissioner Francois Montour

Two years after the Bartica Massacre, which claimed 12 lives, the town commissioned the Monument of Hope” to honour those who died.The monument was blessed by Reverend Cornell Moss, in the presence of Prime Minister Sam Hinds, Canadian High Commissioner Francois Montour, and Chief Executive Officer of Guyana Gold Fields, Patrick Sheridan.Holbert Knights, Region Seven’s Chairman, said during the commissioning ceremony, that the gathering was not only to dedicate this monument, but also to celebrate the lives of “our fallen heroes, and especially to pray for the continued safety and security of our community Bartica and Guyana.”“I refer to those twelve souls as heroes because they were all breadwinners for their families and all of them died because they were on duty as police officers, security personnel,Wholesale Jerseys From China, boat captains or boat hands; they were all very gainfully occupied in the interest of their families and loved ones.” Knights said.The chairman said that Bartica which is now being recognised as one of the fastest developing communities because of gold and diamond exploits was targeted by the perpetrators.Even though the entire incident has caused much pain for the relatives, Knight said that he believes that Bartica has been strengthened and united.“We have since learnt that being each others’ keepers, and nurturing the strength and will to continue to build our families, our community and our country, with the unwavering guidance from God,Cheap NFL Football Jerseys, is the best possible course for forward,Jerseys From China, positive and productive outcomes” Knights firmly told the gathering.Knights,Wholesale NFL Jerseys, addressing Prime Minister Hinds, said that the community is grateful for the magnificent structure to honour and cherish the names of those 12 men. Ensuring that all those who were responsible for this mass murder,Cheap Jerseys, are brought to justice would be even greater satisfaction.“The entire community and the families of those slain, also those of us that suffered material losses that night,Cheap Stitched MLB Jerseys, are appealing to the law enforcement authorities to help bring closure to this almost three-year-old nightmare, by bringing all those responsible to justice.”Knights further thanked the Prime Minister for giving the community a lifelong opportunity, the “Monument of Hope” which is a symbol of peace and this forever standing memory of our loved ones in the form of this towering structure and surrounding park.The monument which is located at the river would serve as a beacon of Bartica; it is one of the first things of beauty anyone coming here by boat will behold.“It will be our constant reminder that amidst all the murders, the robberies, the distress and heartaches, there is still hope for our community and our country.”

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