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Demerara Distillers Limited (DDL),Cheap NFL Jerseys, sole manufacturer of world renowned Demerara Rums, has been awarded the prestigious Trophy for the best Caribbean and American Distiller by the International Wine and Spirit Competition body.The award was announced at an International Wine and Spirit Competition banquet held on November 17 at the City of London Guildhall, United Kingdom (UK).The trophy deems DDL the number one distiller in the Americas and the Caribbean sub category, which includes all of North, South and Central America as well as the Caribbean island nations.This latest accolade come on the heels of several gold and silver medals the beverage giant received this year at the 2010 International Wine and Spirit Competition (IWSC) for its El Dorado 3, 5,World Baseball Classic Jerseys Outlet, 8, 12,Cheap MLB Jerseys, 15 and 21 Year Old Rums. The El Dorado 15 Year Old received Gold Medal and Best in Class: Best Rum trophy. El Dorado was able to surpass established brands such as Bacardi,Clark Griswold Jersey, Angostura and Mount Gay Rum.Commenting on the success of the El Dorado brand, DDL’s Chairman,Wholesale NFL Jerseys, Dr. Yesu Persaud,Wholesale Nike NFL Jerseys, said, “DDL has a long and rich heritage. We are the only producer of authentic Demerara Rums in the world.“Our pursuit of excellence has seen the El Dorado rums compete on the international arena having developed a reputation as the best rum in its class worldwide. We will continue to maintain the standards we have set which have elevated the El Dorado Rums to an elite group of internationally acclaimed line of spirits.”The Competition received entries from over 80 countries worldwide.

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